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A Christmas Classic…With a Real Estate Twist

‘Twas just before Christmas when we listed their house,
“This is the worst time to sell” our dear clients espoused.

But the place was so charming and they’d taken such care,
We felt with great marketing, we’d find buyers out there.

Visions of success danced in our heads;
So we took to the net and created the threads.

Not stuck in the boring old real estate trap,
We’d rouse qualified buyers from their long winter’s nap.

With great videos and ads there’ll arise such a clatter,
Buyers will come from all over to see what is the matter.

A house such as this, they said it was brash.
We said “Heck with that nonsense! This listing’s a smash!”

The home’s super cozy with lights all aglow
A house like none other – made of candy and dough.

The house was unique, it was abundantly clear
None other was like it, not far and not near.

Instead of plain lumber or mortar or brick,
Our sellers found gumdrops and candy canes the trick.

Frosting accents, sprinkles and chocolate was their game;
Were Dan and Brian gingerbread men, they’d have done exactly the same!

The house was pristine, not a thing needed fixin’.
They’d laid perfect log pretzels and ginger dough bricks in.

Sure, the house was a bit small, only 12 inches tall;
A “charming bread cottage,” no Taj Mahal.

But here in The Valley what else can you buy? As long as there’s parking and high speed WiFi.
But this was knowledge both Brian and Dan knew
Somewhere there were buyers who’d want this house too.

So no matter the size or the shape and no matter the condition
Get the best price for your house – that’s always our mission!

Be it Christmas or summer or autumn or spring
We just love selling houses – it’s kinda our thing!

So when you go to sell, we say give us a call.
Or visit…and Happy Holidays to All!

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Brian & Dan | Sereno Group

Brian & Dan | Sereno Group