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insanely great service

The Perfect Realtors

Dan and Brian were the perfect realtors for my wife and I.  We were torn between living in the mountains, or downtown Los Gatos and Brian and Dan had expertise in both and patiently walked us through their views of mountain living vs city living, and really put us at ease that we were getting a real understanding of the pros/cons.  It’s going to be impossible for me to remember everything they did for us so I will just list them in the orders I remember them:

  1. We decided to live downtown (after looking at both mountain properties and city properties) and Dan showed us a house that we really liked. Dan spent some time with the agent, and somehow decide that we could probably offer “below asking” which is unheard of for this area. WE put in an offer and it was accepted.  As a side note the house appraised for slightly ABOVE asking, and WELL ABOVE what we offered.
  2. During the process Dan was the calm voice of reason putting our minds at ease that all the things that we were being asked to do were the right things.
  3. Dan and Brian helped us coordinate, home inspectors, carpeting, a painter, numerous contractors, and seemed to know the answer, or knew someone who could answer EVERY single question we asked. We ran a very tight time frame because we needed termite tenting, painting, carpeting etc to hit the move in date after closing.

Happy to say we closed, moved in, and our enjoying our dream home with our children.  If you are deciding on a realtor team for the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno/Saratoga/Mountain areas – I wouldn’t even think of using anyone else. If you are thinking of using someone else, email my yelp account, and I would be happy to tell you why Dan and Brian would be a better choice.

Dan and Brian – thank you for EVERYTHING – E and A….

E H.

Los Gatos, CA

Two Of The Nicest Guys You Will Find

Brian and Dan helped us purchase our home in Los Gatos recently and we could not be happier. I reached out to them based on their Yelp reviews alone but it turned out to be an excellent decision. They helped us navigate the local market and the offer process in a highly competitive market, and we ended up with an ideal home for our family. They not only bring years of real estate expertise and market knowledge, but a network of people that can help you be successful. And they are also two of the nicest guys you will find. I cannot recommend Brian & Dan highly enough.

Steven E.

Los Gatos, CA

Solid Advice

Dan and Brian sold our home in Monte Sereno in 5 days!  We live in Portland Maine so they took on many of the “To Dos” to get the house ready to list.  They gave us solid advice on painting and staging that allowed us to sell the home above the listing price.  In addition to their very professional counsel, they were delightful to work with.  When ever we had a question or concern, they had an answer for us in the shortest time possible.

Andy A.

Falmouth, ME

Exceeding All Expectations

Dan Rubnitz came highly recommended to me a number of years ago by a close friend, business colleague and long-time resident of Los Gatos.  I sent Dan several referrals over the years, never having met him, and he never failed to delight.

Then came my turn, with a decision to sell my home after almost 23 years in Los Gatos.  About that time Dan moved to Sereno Group and partnered up with Brian Bernasconi.

A single parent since my two girls were babies, with a stressful executive career in high tech, I was used to doing everything on my own.  This time however, beyond the obvious professional expertise and work ethic, I needed a lot more…..

A lot of emotional support…. someone who stayed calm and positive, but realistic, thru all the gnarly steps of selling deeply personal property….someone who supported me when needed… walking me off the ledge on more than one occasion … someone who always had me tucked in, up to date, on top of the steps, coached on my words and actions and on and on.  And when Dan was out of town Brian seamlessly stepped in a picked up, as if they were one person.

I was gently taken on one of the most stressful and overwhelming times of my life and Dan, in partnership with Brian, was able to pull off a sale exceeding all expectations.

To everyone considering a move, spend a moment with this dynamic duo before making this vitally-important decision.  You’ll be happy you did.

Happy “move karma” to us all !

Stephanie Schweighofer-Jones

Feel free to call me with questions–408-313-6648

Stepanie S.

Los Gatos, CA

Not Just A Quick Sale

Brian is fantastic.  Five years ago, he helped us sell our first home quickly and despite some complications with the transaction along the way, he went above and beyond to help us complete the sale.  We took months to find our second home and Brian was patient and honest.  This is not a guy looking to complete a quick sale.  He would often tell us, “this home is not the right one for your family” and our search continued until we found the perfect home at an amazing price.  As we did some improvements on the home before moving in, Brian was there to support us when the inevitable challenges in construction came up.  To this day, we stay in touch with Brian.  In addition to becoming a great friend, his advice and valuable network helps us in any home-related projects that we undertake.

Eddie G.

San Jose, CA

Numerous Strategies

Brian Bernasconi is a must-have member of your real estate team!

Brian is a full-time, professional, loyal, transparent, tech-savvy, connected real estate agent.

The market is insane right now and you need a great agent in your corner. Brian has numerous strategies up his sleeve, and we honestly feel he is the reason we won our home.

We started working with Brian in 2012, unsure if real estate was the right investment for us. After searching for a few months, we decided to invest elsewhere. We revisited this decision in 2014 and Brian was our first phone call. He was energetic and really hit the ground running, presenting relevant properties that fit our criteria. Brian never tried to sell us a property outside of our price, and never pushed us to go higher during negotiations than we felt comfortable with.

When you work with Brian, you also gain access to his fantastic network of professionals. We chose to work with a mortgage broker he recommended, we couldn’t have been happier with the results. Brian has access to mortgage brokers, landscape artists, designers for remodeling, etc. If you don’t want to wait for a member of his network to give you a quote, just ask Brian to estimate it, he knows what market price for most items should be.

If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, I strongly suggest you jump at that chance. You will be nothing less than completely satisfied.

Brittany S.

Santa Clara, CA

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