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Update: Experience Los Gatos

In a previous video, we sat down with Councilwoman Marico Sayoc, Matt Morley at the Los Gatos Department of Public Works and Monica Renn, the Town of Los Gatos Economic Vitality Manager to discuss Experience Los Gatos – a pilot project that has transformed downtown Los Gatos.  The project has changed a portion of North Santa Cruz Avenue to a one way street, installed “parklet” areas and done away with parking time limits in the downtown parking areas.

The intent of the project is to encourage and enhance the experience of downtown Los Gatos including visiting, shopping and dining.  It’s been a couple weeks since the project started and now the experiment is in full swing.

We thought we would get some feedback about the Pilot Project from some local merchants and visitors in the Downtown area.  So we headed downtown and approached people on the street to ask them about their experience. Our guess is the “jury will still be out.”

We hope you enjoy the video and we invite you to share your opinion in the comments section of how “Experience Los Gatos” is doing.

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Brian & Dan | Sereno Group

Brian & Dan | Sereno Group