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insanely great service

Numerous Strategies

Brian Bernasconi is a must-have member of your real estate team!

Brian is a full-time, professional, loyal, transparent, tech-savvy, connected real estate agent.

The market is insane right now and you need a great agent in your corner. Brian has numerous strategies up his sleeve, and we honestly feel he is the reason we won our home.

We started working with Brian in 2012, unsure if real estate was the right investment for us. After searching for a few months, we decided to invest elsewhere. We revisited this decision in 2014 and Brian was our first phone call. He was energetic and really hit the ground running, presenting relevant properties that fit our criteria. Brian never tried to sell us a property outside of our price, and never pushed us to go higher during negotiations than we felt comfortable with.

When you work with Brian, you also gain access to his fantastic network of professionals. We chose to work with a mortgage broker he recommended, we couldn’t have been happier with the results. Brian has access to mortgage brokers, landscape artists, designers for remodeling, etc. If you don’t want to wait for a member of his network to give you a quote, just ask Brian to estimate it, he knows what market price for most items should be.

If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, I strongly suggest you jump at that chance. You will be nothing less than completely satisfied.

Brittany S.

Santa Clara, CA

Eye for detail, negotiation skills

As a Bay Area mortgage planner for over a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Bernasconi on numerous real estate transactions.
Brian is an exceptional Realtor. His eye for detail, negotiation skills, as well as his vast knowledge over the Bay Area real estate market are some of his strengths that make him so pleasant and different to work with.
He is definitely an asset to the clients he represents by bringing so much added value to their transactions.
I highly encourage people who are in the market to buy or sell real estate, to first consult him and get his valuable input.
Narbik. K.
BeneGroup, Inc.

Narbik K.


Dedicated To Finding Our Dream Home

Brian Bernasconi helped us sell our first home and buy our second home in a brutal market.  We are picky buyers who knew we wanted an old home with tons of character but not a lot of work to be done.  It took a good seven months to finish both deals and during that time Brian was not only our agent but he was also our rock.  He is calm and injects great humor into every situation.  He always had OUR best interest at heart and went to bat for us over and over and over again with great enthusiasm and optimism.  He also never rolled his eyes at my crazy ideas.

After we closed the deal of the house we purchased, I wanted to redo the kitchen, baths and floors… Once again Brian came through with tons of references and even helped us manage the job.  To this day, Brian is our go to guy for everything real estate, finance or home improvement related.  I can’t think of anyone who will work harder or be more dedicated to finding someone their dream home than Brian.

He is simply the best.

Jacqueline G.

San Jose, CA

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